About Achampet


About Achampet

Achampet is a census town in Nagarkurnool district of Telangana, India. The town is a revenue division headquarters. Achampet is a town which is located on foothills of Nallamala Forest, and has population of more than 20,721.


This area for many years  was under the rule of Kollapur and Kalwakurthy samsthans by Reddy and Velama rulers then Nizam and after independence the area remained undeveloped for so many years. For past 30 years, the area is developing rapidly.


Encryptions say that in past, once there lived a lady ruler Achammamba from Kollapur Village came to deep forest there she fought against Mailk kaffur, General of Aurangazeb (Delhi sultan) in a Tribal war and on the village was named after her as Achamghar now present naming as Achampet.